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@AlCannistra Dec 05, 16:00

Sports at Los Angeles Times - top stories by @ShadowLinesDoc

@AlCannistra Dec 05, 15:15

These four major cities want to ban diesel vehicles

@AlCannistra Dec 05, 15:00

Politics at The New York Times - top stories by @nytpolitics, @MargotWilliams, @AmandaBecker

@AlCannistra Dec 05, 13:59

Top story: Human rights abusers who buy London homes could have assets seized |…, see more

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Business at The Guardian - top stories by @LuisToscano, @unitetheunion, @QuirkeArchTect

@AlCannistra Dec 05, 11:58

Top story: Information commissioner reopens file on construction industry black…, see more

@AlCannistra Dec 05, 09:54

Top story: Euro falls to 20-month low after Italy government's referendum defea…, see more

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Top story: First edition of Isaac Newton's Principia set to fetch $1m at auctio…, see more

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Followers - 174, Unfollowers - 183. I didn't know it'd be this simple. Get your weekly stats via

@AlCannistra Dec 04, 23:49

Top story: USC earns Rose Bowl berth, capping dramatic turnaround - LA Times, see more

@AlCannistra Dec 04, 19:56

Top story: Will Trump go to Mars? Nasa’s nervous wait | Science | The Guardian, see more

@AlCannistra Dec 04, 19:56

Top story: The grim truth of Chinese factories producing the west’s Christmas t…, see more

@AlCannistra Dec 04, 17:52

Top story: Hi-tech replica to bring prehistoric art of Lascaux within reach | S…, see more

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