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@AlCannistra Jan 24, 05:41

Top story: East Timor dumps spying case against Australia for 'good faith' oil,…, see more

@AlCannistra Jan 24, 03:48

Top story: Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life …, see more

@AlCannistra Jan 24, 00:04

Top story: Same-sex marriage: Lawyers see red over Turnbull government's vision…, see more

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 22:18

This beautiful tidal road is Britain's deadliest -

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 21:56

Physicists may have just manipulated 'pure nothingness'

@landpsychology Jan 23, 20:41

Baby panda saying hi.

@Pugsdally Jan 23, 20:41

Could you ever say no to this face?!

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 20:24

Courage: It’s the Secret to Getting Everything You Want in Life

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 19:55

Why are we feeding cows Skittles?

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 19:54

Top story: Qatar seals big-money horse racing deal -, see more

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 19:05

Texas brewery plans big-deal expansion in San Antonio

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 17:45

The 2017 San Antonio Bucket List - San Antonio Magazine - January 2017 - San Antonio, TX -

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 17:21

Condo at the End of the World

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 17:00

Science at The Guardian - top stories by @CleliaBiamonti, @mjpallen, @RaceRocks

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 17:00

Sport at CNN - top stories by @ricardo_macho, @pierredeguise, @voile_actu

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 16:00

Sports at Los Angeles Times - top stories by @emme_isabella, @monicaquezada68, @RighettiFB

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 15:43

She hates a messy fridge, so she came up with 17 nifty ways to organize the fridge

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 15:19

Stop telling people there's a dot in your Gmail address — it doesn't matter

@AlCannistra Jan 23, 15:00

Politics at The New York Times - top stories by @hannah_suppa, @Schellevis, @satya

San Antonio River Walk and Alamo

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